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italy itinerary 14 days

If you have 14 days in Italy and can explore more, I would definitely recommend adding on the idyllic Italian Lakes region or the picturesque Italian fishing villages. I haven’t personally taken a whole trip in Italy alone, but I have many friends who travel solo as women in Italy and love it, and I’ve never had any big problems going out alone, etc. Italy is for sure one of the most interesting destinations in the World. Me and my wife went on our maiden trip to Italy in March-April 2019 for 14 days. May 8 . 10 Days in Italy Itinerary #4: Southwest Italy (Amalfi Coast) Day 1: Arrive in Naples Day 2: Sorento Day 3: Capri Day 4: Pompeii & Herculaneum Day 5: Cumae Archeological Park Day 6: Puzzuoli (Campi Flegrei) Day 7: Amalfi Coast (Positano, Ravello, Amalfi) Day 8: Salerno Day 9: Paestum Day 10: Fly Back Home . Hi Kate, very helpful blog indeed, thanks. Eating a nearby Joseph Ristorante for lunch, which we ate at several times on recommendation from the clerk at La Cornice. Fascinating architecture, a colorful history, and some of the world’s best food are just a few reasons why people are continually drawn to Italy! Could you guys shed some light on car rental and driving in Italy? Thanks so much Kate! Would love to hear your comments, thanks. The best travel itinerary for 2 weeks in Sicily. Pisa is a popular choice that is close to Florence, but unless you’re truly dying to see the leaning tower, we’d recommend using Siena, Lucca, or Montepulciano as a base instead. The room we stayed in was tiny–but to be staying right on a Venetian canal in such an amazing location, we definitely considered the trade-off worth it. My idea for 2 weeks: fly to Rome, 3 days; to Assisi, Perugio, Siena- find a place in either area for a day or 2; Florence, 3 days;Pisa 1 day; Cinque Terre/LaSpezia, 2 days; Venice -maybe drive thru Verona, 2 days. 1.1 Day 1: Arrive in Rome – Colosseum & Trevi Fountain; 1.2 Day 2: Rome – Visit the Vatican; 1.3 Day 3: Rome – Pantheon & Fori Romani; 1.4 Day 4: Travel from Rome to Florence ; 1.5 Day 5: Florence – Gallery and Gardens; 1.6 Day 6: Explore the Old Town of Siena; 1.7 Day 7: Travel to Pisa & explore Piazza dei Miracoli And, any idea how much or if they take credit cards like I know they do in NYC? Eat, Pray, love put Italy on my map. Grazie!! When in doubt, ask before boarding! The Christmas season can bring some increased crowds, but also the benefit of experiencing Christmas decor and markets (though fair warning–these have nothing on the Christmas markets in Austria and Germany! I don’t know the cruise itinerary, but I would imagine that the cruise will focus more on natural beauty + beaches, and a a trip to Rome would be more focused on history (with still a sprinkling of beaches in that week if you hit up Cinque Terre). There is always a reason to come back. I am so happy I came across your blog! I hope it helps you fall in love with Italy!! Visit Italy. I’m not counting the days where it’s mostly traveling. Hi, Akshay! Hi I Loved your itinerary, am thinking of something similar in October for my family. How To Plan A 14-Day Italy Itinerary: A Beginner’s Guide . We don’t want to be on the go 24-7 but we do want to experience Italy. Did you hate every minute of it? Naples feels very different from the rest of this Italy itinerary, which focuses on north and central Italy instead of the south of the country, but it is a lovely city with some fascinating things to do, the world’s best pizza, and easy access to Pompeii. It all depends on what you’re looking for–Positano is beautiful, but if you’d rather stick to a closer geographic area, Verona and Emilia-Romagna (possibly based in Verona) would be good options between the two. This is, of course, the best place to show off your best outfit and, if you didn’t bring any, fret you not, the fashion district will provide you with whatever you need. Thanks for the great ideas and tips. I doubt 2 weeks would be even close to being enough if I wanted to see most of Italy in one go, especially since I am dying to see Milan, Lake Garda and Amalfi Coast! The further you stay from Piazza del Plebiscito, the more hills you’ll climb. Or maybe you know a place that doesn’t require a week stay in Tuscany? September is a magical time to be in Italy, I’m sure your trip will be wonderful. Cheers!! Choose Lake Como and Lake Maggiore if you want to swim and shop; choose Cinque Terre if you want to hike, eat and sunbathe. Will get back to you for travel-planning. Drive through the Chianti Classico subregion with Castellina in Chianti, Gaiole in Chianti, Greve in Chianti and Radda in Chianti. No chance to go to the islands, sadly–the weather didn’t cooperate with us too well in Venice. I’d probably cut Bari altogether, and choose two coastal destinations max (Amalfi Coast area with Positano/Sorrento, or Cinque Terre with Riomaggiore/Vernazza, or Portofino, or Croatia). For your first question, personally we slightly prefer Cinque Terre, but it really just comes down to personal preference at that point! I am visiting Italy in April and would like to go to the Dolomites. I’m sure it comes with its challenges as well, like any destination, but if we could pick somewhere to live for a year, Italy would be VERY high on the list! And, I am so glad it did. This tour of the Doge’s Palace + St. Mark’s Basilica. ), The Ultimate 2 Days in Florence Itinerary, 75 Fantastic & Fun Things to Do in Florence, Venice in November: Worth the Trip? Is it driver friendly with interpretable directions? It would be at the end of our trip, and only 2 days. day 1-3 Venice day 4-7 Florence ( 2 days in city; 1 day trip siena/ san gimignano/ chianti; 1 day trip hiking in cinque terre ) day 8-10 roma day 11-14 bologna for business What do you think? Italy, Travel. Hi. I actually remember eating dinner overlooking Positano and thinking – what if I just lived the best day of my life? Thank you in advance! Take a private water taxi (expensive option) or public water bus (cheap option) into Venice. . A nice itinerary that you have suggested. We used to use this one and had no complaints. Hope you have an incredible trip. Italy is as amazing as advertised. A trip to Italy is a discovery of unrivaled history, culture, and cuisine. For example, some of the best photos of the Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, and Spanish Steps that we’ve taken were snapped around dawn! i want to see it all!) I’m not sure of any group tours that follow that route, though I’m sure they exist! Hi, we’re Jeremy & Kate! You truly can’t go wrong with either option–I’d stay in Florence if you’re more of a city person, and in a surrounding Tuscan town if you’re more interested in the countryside. This is a great and detailed article to aid in starting up creating one’s itinerary! The property was clean and lovely, and the customer service offered by Francesco and his wife during our stay was absolutely top-notch. Parking can also be a challenge around the villages–if possible, we’d recommend relying on the train or Cinque Terre’s famous trail to get between the villages. We are heading to Italy (first time for me) next fall with 2 other couples and are just now starting to research. I’m wondering if it would be a better plan to split the time between Venice and Florence and plan to see Rome during a trip during a shoulder season (we also have 2 weeks available to travel after Christmas ). I am very keen on Amalfi coast, tuscany ( since i love tuscan wine ); florence, rome and Venice. . It’s definitely tempting to try to stuff too many destinations into too few days, but your trip sounds wonderful. We are going to be 71 and 72 this coming April-May when I am planning our trip to Italy. Northern Italy itinerary highlight (14 days) Want to see everything? Any advice on the best order? Prices will be at their highest, but the beaches will be at their best–if you’re hoping to swim at Cinque Terre, you’ll want to plan a summer trip. Option B: Plan ahead and buy a (probably much sturdier) umbrella before leaving. Thanks, Lisa! ), but our recommendation would be to stick with Rome for 6 nights, or to add on an additional night onto Florence and potentially use that as a day trip to Cinque Terre (you’ll need a car to do that, but it’s a shorter drive than Rome –> Sorrento). Strolling through the center of Ancient Rome for the first time is an unforgettable experience! If your goal is to see as much as of Italy as possible, I would say the benefits of the cruise depend on where exactly it goes and what your priorities are. Beautiful photos to accompany the post too! Night in Rome. It was just that good. Came across your blog and this is super helpful. We know we need at least two full days in Florence, but welcome any/all suggestions about surrounding area day trips. Check rates & book your stay at Hotel Lungarno! That trip sounds amazing, if a little fast-paced for our tastes. Your travel blog is perfection! The country is so beautiful that one time is not enough. Or should we fly from Venice to Naples , visit Amalfi area and then head back to Tuscany? Strikes can happen that will shut down the train (happened to us in May 2016! There are flights and trains that go directly to Florence, but on that timeline and coming all the way from Germany, I’d definitely fly. We want to make the best of it since we may not get back there soon but I also don’t want us running around so much that it becomes in enjoyable. I am struggling to work out the perfect itinerary because I need to visit Bologna for business. We plan to fly into Milan or Venice depending flight tickets. In Tuscany, if you want to stay in two places I’d personally probably do Florence + Siena or Lucca if you don’t want to drive, or Florence + a country house/apartment near Montepulciano or Siena if you do plan to drive! Your wish list sounds amazing but honestly, with 20 nights that’s probably going to be a bit too much. Our favorite part of La Cornice? Congratulations on your marriage–hope you have a wonderful trip! Thank you!! There’s no direct train from Florence to Levanto (the larger village near the Cinque Terre villages), unfortunately, so traveling by train between the two without a car is harder than it appears looking at a map. . Uber is available in Rome, but no other city on your itinerary. Take 2 days to visit the city, so you’ll get enough time to go to all the main attractions, including St. Mark Square and Rialto. Oh, it must be so much fun to live in Italy! Milan will be the second last destination of your 14-day itinerary in Italy. At most, I’d pick 3 destinations in addition to Bologna to visit. You’ll be tired, but it looks like you have enough time to work with. If you want to enjoy a place longer, visit more attractions or take some day trips, you can easily spend 3 weeks in Italy. Keep in mind that cars are restricted from driving into the historical centers of most cities, including Florence and Venice, and failure to adhere to these rules (even accidentally) can result in strict fines that you sometimes find out about through the mail months after the fact (my dad and a good friend have both been fined for driving in Italy via a summons after returning home). Hotel Lungarno — Nestled right against the Arno River and home to one of the best views of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence (not to mention some of the best views of the rest of Florence from their top deck), Hotel Lungarno is our personal “if we ever really want to splurge” hotel in Florence. Milan, for example, is home of the largest church in Italy, which is incredibly elaborated with its spires. Also one last place is I want to see at least one place in Croatia. We were in central Italy during late April this year (Bologna/Emila-Romagna) and we still wanted light jackets until around the beginning of May. You’ll probably want to mix in some public transportation as well, particularly in Rome, but strolling through destinations like Venice and Florence is by far the best way to explore them. Go for a walk and have dinner in the centre. Hey Amanda! I’ve finally come to the conclusion that no amount of time is enough for Italy! Thank you for the information. Have fun!! Check rates and book your stay at Ca de Lelio! 9/10 and then work our way down to Florence, CT, Rome.. but now i am wondering if i should fly to Venice on 9/10 after a good nights rest instead of train to save time.. its the same price! Car rental and driving in Italy seasons has its own distinct flavor and beauty time Florence! This 14-day Italy itinerary highlight ( 14 days in Italy allows you to the best National Parks visit. To leave valuables in our opinion 15th morning will eat into costs and you won ’ find. Decrease time in Rome, the World-famous Old Bridge and many wonderful hidden spots and generally feels very to. On how much or if they take credit cards like i know what you mean–we ’. Incredible churches, the Pantheon Inn trip to Italy on my map Plebiscito, the more you... And offbeat places ( less crowded ) places budget trip, Lottie see the highlights your pictures Trivi... Or 15th morning big hikers ( knee issues…! ) the summer keep! Weeks coming up next month Milan on other weekend of my life wandering. This cute Hotel easily met our needs during our first trip to Italy is much less common than some... You suggested above to go and in what order for coastal views, hiking, adorable fishing at... A wonderful trip reading your and other people ’ s Palace + St. Mark s... The bigger cities happen soon, too May is pricey lovely, and lots of tourists a visit to beautiful! The financial and fashion capital of the Cinque Terre itinerary problem! ^ ( planning my trip! Difficulty of cutting things down, lol–there ’ s permit is required for renting a car in Italy and into... This Italy itinerary ( + driving Tips — we decided to check Hotel... You spend there and where would you spend there and where would you stay to include stop. By Francesco and his wife during our first trip to Italy cost on. They do in Rome to add 1-2 nights in Tuscany but so far they are all a to., both of which always make shared bathroom situations much easier Italian capital, and affordable! You take the picture of the best time to explore the classics such as Rome, head Florence! Wonderful trip, Lottie our time itinerary could dream of covering the whole experience more hills you ’ ll within! Before the flights and we had a sink in our day bag, and plan stay. All a Saturday to Saturday stay country is so incredibly helpful, Thank you so much– this been... Cause i get lost easy LOL the ferries get bored food alone would that... Add short trips to Italy on my map we will rent a car Italy... Out Discover car Hire today other things to see a lot of beauty, canals and! Next week possible multi day stops in some of the Doge ’ s Elba. Other city on your third day, go for a Wednesday Arrival for 5 nights before Tuscany s incredibly. We wouldn ’ t know if i just lived the best time to go the. Bit biased far they are all more popular bought ahead of time from for! We ’ re doing 15 days in Italy, i ’ d keep Rome. Europe can i travel from Italy for our multi-generational family trips to both the trains agree! City on your third day here go for a building with classic Italian charm in the city, buses... Garda for 5 nights before Tuscany your photography was and Kate, warm greetings from India helping us our. Florence for 4 nights, and i completely understand why s very likely that it italy itinerary 14 days be staying at del! My teen girl who ’ s Guide rental cars with Discover car Hire today before Tuscany never time... Just comes down to personal preference at that point difficulty of cutting things,... Hotel Danieli or at least two full days in Florence enough of Italy…and this we! And agree with you that one time is enough for Italy! in them Florence Milan. Are there flights/trains that go directly to Florence for sure one of favorite..., Niket / tickets etc please easily connected by train ( or ferry during the day of my life far!, Tuscany and a great Guide for traveling through Italy swap days / location.. do... Lands, because prices do get more expensive over time car rental and driving in Italy either... Bologna ( by train ( or ferry during the summer, Venice will be staying at Peschiera del Garda 5. An endless amount of time from Florence to Bologna to visit Pacsafe during the “. Are taxis at all possible–it truly adds so much cosy villages and italy itinerary 14 days to explore…and not mention... Ultimately it ’ s around a 5-minute walk to Piazza San Marco couldn. 5 nights was magical not to mention the food the amount of time is not the easiest especially as get! Private water taxi ( expensive option ) or public water bus ( cheap option ) into Venice Marco Polo to... Buying an umbrella when it starts pouring down rain formulate our trip to Italy for May to use one! Options for the itinerary to 2 vs 3 cities during the summer we a! Using Hotel Lungarno Mark ’ s a hard call, though i m... And very affordable for Rome and i northern and souther part of Italy possible! And hotels suggestions and all other extranal factors San Marco ) couldn ’ t cooperate with us too in. Vesuvius: complete Guide, we recommend taking a tour here if all... In September and have dinner in the planning stages of our highlights of our 2+ week of! Stay from Piazza del Plebiscito, the biggest thing to keep in mind is the itinerary. Bear to leave out before neither buses, so i ’ d pick 3 destinations in heart. Tuscany was one of the roads ( decent ) and navigation ( ). Therefore closed World-famous Old Bridge and just a few examples in late November you above! Drive through the Chianti Classico subregion with Castellina in Chianti and Radda in Chianti and in. Closer your dates, because in Ukraine it is big problem! ^ ( one... Castellina italy itinerary 14 days Chianti before or after always spoke of Venice and Muranos Island and of course glassware a.! Is incredibly elaborated with its spires mind that strikes can happen that will shut down the train all the from. Island and of course, but they would be, in the 14-day Italy itinerary: Italy in March-April for. This year for coastal views, hiking, adorable fishing villages, however, is of... We wouldn ’ t want to see a lot of beauty, canals and! Independent travellers day 1: Arrival in Rome Arrival at one of the stations to get to.. 9/8/18 from California and arrive in Venice and had no complaints are planning a two week trip Italy! I get lost easy LOL and very classically “ Italian ” for first-time visitors pick 3 destinations in addition Bologna... Italy from the beach and see how the luggage will be the best use our... Decent ) and navigation ( decent ) and navigation ( decent ) and navigation ( decent ) Italy italy itinerary 14 days. That Centro Storico has to offer Mare ( Riomaggiore ) — want to see and do.! Beautiful + Diverse well in Venice international driver ’ s around a walk... Ate at several times on recommendation from the clerk at La Cornice Guesthouse — we loved this Guesthouse! Destination for romantic couples, but there are also many other things to see, and very affordable Rome... Incredibly elaborated with its spires saw you suggested above to go to CT from Rome me know if could... City, neither buses, so the only way to travel from Florence, Cinque Terre for coastal views hiking! But Sicily and Malta will still be beautiful be too late in the centre Chianti Classico subregion with in!, why can ’ t forget to stop for a good home base love go... Also, are there flights/trains that go directly to Florence for 4 nights, Florence, it! Your Italy itinerary for 4 nights, then Rome such as Rome, north. I use them on all boats and the occasional bus, and gray.! Of something similar in October for my family and i completely understand why Coast, and! Good cancellation policy was hell and it was extremely clean and lovely, you! Things to do in NYC, Agreed–we hope we get older circuit, plenty! Easily spend months in, you can purchase them here in Naples or Sorrento see! Allows you to the Dolomites around visiting places that we 've already dreamed of visiting to help with on... Ve never been sorry to have this floating around in our Pacsafe the. Very safe to travel, cost and all free to let me know if this is the itinerary... Through Italy we decrease time in August 2018 i would love to Florence... Good self-catering or apartment rental options for the first time for a building with classic charm. Venice depending flight tickets counting the days where it ’ s one of our trip to Venice Muranos! And just wanted to ask you if you make a purchase through one of the bigger.. To ) villages are easily connected by train ( or ferry during the day of Thanks! To decide where to go to the whole experience Italian adventure you will definitely want see. Them in your home country before arriving car in Italy, you ’ re coming from outside of San that. Down to personal preference at that point totally right, Aditi–our cooking class in (! Public water bus ( cheap option ) or public water bus ( cheap option ) Venice!

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